Paint Protection Film

What is paint protection film?

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear or color polyurethane film that is applied to a vehicle to protect it from pitting, scratches, and swirls that are caused by road debris, rocks, bugs, bird dropping, and elements as such.

Does paint protection film really help prevent rock chips?

Yes! Paint protection film is the only product on the market that can help prevent rock chips.

Will there be a line where the film stops?

On the basic (front end coverage) installation you will be able to see a line, however, we may custom wrap all the edges of the film for a seamless install.

How is it self healing?

PPF is constructed from a combination of advance elasimeric polymers which allows scuffs and light scratches to disappear within minutes in the sun.

Clear bra Pricing:

 Front End  coverage :$1,800 (2-3 days )

-Full Hood (bulk )

-Bumper (computer cut )

-Full Fender  (computer cut )

-Headlights & fog lights (if applicable)

-Mirror Caps  (computer cut )

Custom front end coverage : $2,200 (2-4 days ) 

Custom bulking.

-Full Hood 


-Full Fender 

-Headlights & fog lights (if applicable)

-Mirror Caps